April 2017

Election Poll

Leeds votes for a Labour government

In our post recent live Facebook poll the results show that Leeds is a big voter for Labour. The final results actually show that Labour won it’s closest rival, the Conservatives by a 2 to…


Council backs £35m deal for Headingley stadium

Leeds City Council has agreed to broker a £35m deal with a private investor to redevelop Headingley rugby and cricket stadiums. The sporting complex hosts cricket, rugby league and rugby union fixtures. Council leader Judith…

Bramly Weatherspoons

Bramley Wetherspoon’s Faces £200,000 Bill

Work to repair a potentially dangerous cracked wall in part of Bramley’s historic conservation area will cost J D Weatherspoon’s £200,000 The paths on each side of the wall between the land occupied by the Old…

RunawayPig m62

Runaway pig brings M62 to standstill

A runaway pig caused chaos on the M62 near Leeds yesterday evening (Tuesday 11th April) Traffic was brought to a standstill as the pig trotted around on the carriageway. More than an hour passed before the animal…

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