Leeds councillors faile to pay council tax bills

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Four Leeds councillors have attended court over non-payment of council tax and made subject to liability orders to settle outstanding bills over the last two years.

Leeds City Council was initially refusing to provide the information about the councillors arrears but a Freedom of Information (FOI) request meant that some of the details had to be disclosed.

Leeds City Council has only identified two of the four councillors, Labour Headingley councillor Jonathan Pryor and Labour Roundhay Ghulam Hussain:

The council declined to say whether there were any more councillors who received a summons but subsequently paid their bill in full to avoid being made subject to a court order. They also declined to divulge the amounts involved in the cases.

Councillor Ghulam Hussain said:
“I can only apologise to those who elected me I have no excuse for not keeping on top of my bills and I have now put in place arrangements to ensure that no payments are missed in the future.”

Councillor Jonathan Pryor said:
“I apologise for what was an unacceptable oversight which occurred as I moved house. I’ve now set up a direct debit to ensure it doesn’t happen.”

Records show that councillor Ghulam Hussain received £22,893.88 in allowances in the latest published figures for 2014/15 and that councillor Jonathan Pryor received £12.801.88 for the same period.

Leeds City Council said it would not disclose the identity of the other two councillors subject to court orders to settle their arrears.


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  1. These thieves should be struck off and sent to prison as I would have if I didn’t pay mine tipical labour

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