Morrisons Selling Giant Rambo Pumpkins

The gigantic pumpkins are on offering at Morrisons again this year. Some of them weighing in at almost Eight Stone.

Known as the Rambo Pumpkin, the enormous beasts will set you back just £8 each. Not bad considering how many bowls of Pumpkin soup you’ll be able to get out of it and that’s not even mentioning the festive decoration you may wish to use it for.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Munchkin Pumpkin, a much smaller offering from Lidl that costs just 50p. We think this Pumpkin takes 1st place or the cute factor.

Munchkin Pumpkin

Now don’t worry if you’re not looking for the World’s largest or the World’s smallest Pumpkins. Morrisons also have the typical sized Pumpkins in stock for just £2 each.