VIDEO: Police chase Golf R through Leeds at over 100mph

The video below shows police chasing a Golf R through central Leeds at speeds in excess of 100mph. Police began chasing the hight powered vehicle at around 9 PM on a Tuesday evening after it failed to stop. The Golf can be seen disappearing in the video at some points as the 3 series police BMW struggles to keep up with the Golf R’s 300bhp high-performance engine.

Police initially begin chasing the vehicle as it joins the M621.

The Golf can be seen disappearing off the police camera as it travels at well over 100mph on the A61 towards Hunslet.

Police manage to catch up with the high powered vehicle after it exits the A61 and begins driving recklessly around residential streets.

Police are right behind the car as it gets stuck behind another vehicle.

The Golf can be seen topping 70mph in a residential area.

The Golf goes the wrong way around a roundabout and the police decide, enough is enough!

Police disable the vehicle using one of their 3 series BMWs. Watch the full video below.