VIDEO: What did Leeds look like in 1987?

1987, the year that Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative party won another general election, the year that the first-ever IKEA store opened in the UK. It was also the yeat that The Simpsons were born as they first appeared in a series of short 1-minute TV shows, but what was our great city Leeds like back then?

It’s hard to imagine what our city was like 32 years ago, but thanks to the invention of the video camcorder we can get a glimpse of what Leeds was like back in the day, and it’s actually rather surprising. Other than the old vehicles and dress code, Leeds looks very similar to what it does today. Ta

The video below takes you on a tour around Leeds City Centre in 1987. See if you can recognize any of the places and which streets you are on. We were able to pretty much identify every street and major landmark.


City Square in 1987
Majestyk nightclub Leeds 1987
Calverley Street Leeds 1987