Why is Yorkshire better than Lancashire?

Truth be told we all know that Yorkshire is better than Lancashire. Those pesky Mancs will argue their case saying that Manchester is the powerhouse of the North blah-blah-blah, but us people over here in Leeds and our fellow Yorkshire folk know that we live in “God’s Own County”.

Now, this isn’t just us blowing our own trumpet because we’re from Yorkshire, here are 5 factual reasons why Yorkshire is better than Lancashire.

1.) Yorkshire is much larger than Lancashire
Approximately, Yorkshire is composed of around 2,941,247 acres vs Lancashire’s 760837 acres. This translates into more people living in Yorkshire too, with a total population of over 5 million vs Lancashires 1.5 million.

2.) We are a key part of the Sunday Roast
That traditional British meal that is typically served up on a Sunday has our famous Yorkshire pudding right at the heart of it.

Credit: freefoodphotos.com

3.) We invented the Cats Eye
That’s right, the tiny reflective stubs that help light up the country’s roads at night were invented by Yorkshireman Percy Shaw. It has been estimated that this simple little safety device has saved thousands of lives since its creation.

4.) We’ve got the tallest structure in the UK
At 330.5 meters tall the Emley Moor television mast is taller than the UK’s tallest building, the Shard in London, and more than double the height of Blackpool tower which sits at 158 meters.

5.) Scarborough is a far nicer seaside town than Blackpool
If you’ve ever been to Blackpool you’ll know it’s famous for stag and hen parties, but Scarborough has a far nicer and cleaner beach, a less tacky feel and way more character that is indicative of an English seaside town. Plus if you fancy a change, Yorkshire also has the fabulous Whitby which has the UK’s best Fish and Chips.