Why are Wetherspoons toilets always so far away?

It’s a well know fact amongst us, revelers, that going to the toilet in a Wetherspoons can be considered a bit of a hike. Toilets are often found hidden away up some secret steps somewhere.

This was highlighted in a joke video that went viral a few years back that shows a guy in a Wetherspoons having a drink with his mate at the bar. He then pops off to the toilet to go do his business but has to climb hundreds of steps first.

So why is it that Wetherspoons often have their toilets hidden away upstairs? well, there are a few reasons. When Wetherspoons open a new establishment they will often renovate an existing building. Updating and changing the layout of some of these existing buildings can be challenging as a lot of them are listed, meaning the amount of change they can do is limited.

The other reason is that Wetherspoons like to offer superior toilets to their competitors. After all, if you want people to drink more, they need to pee! Wetherspoons has actually won awards for some of its toilets. Two of its pubs were awarded the ‘Loo of the Year Award’ in 2018, yes there is such a thing.

These two reasons coupled together means Wetherspoons will generally make use of the space upstairs, using old storerooms and offices to convert into toilets. This gives them more space to create a generously sized toilet and to be creative without having to chew into the main floor space downstairs.

All this amounts to you having a larger, brighter and more luxurious space to go do your business, albeit at the expense of a longer journey to get there.